It's a preposterous notion (our hunters aren't even from this continent!) An expansion to the combat heavy monster fighter. Subspecies are great, but those Paolumu and Pukei-Pukei are still a bit too familiar (especially when the visuals of their armor sets and weapons are often just reskins). This is clearly a location that was designed with usability in mind, and its spiderweb of paths makes moving around easy while keeping all of your needed stations (the Resource Center, the Canteen, the Blacksmith, etc.) PC hunters, our wait is almost over! It’s not an overstatement when I say Iceborne feels like a reset, a new starting point that ratchets everything up and leaves you with little reason to head back to High Rank (unless you are missing some stupid Vaal Hazak fangs, of course). Some people can stick with the Monster Hunter format for thousands of hours, and more power to them – I was fine saying farewell after 130 hours. But interestingly, Iceborne doesn’t wait very long at all to start introducing Tempered versions of Master Rank monsters, so you’ll be able to amp things up even further once your gear makes the jump. Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Developer: Capcom Price: $40 if you own Monster Hunter World, $60 for the base game and Iceborne bundle. It enables you to hook onto a monster at any time and inflict smashing damage to any of its parts. But let’s get into the meat and potatoes of Iceborne: the gear. Yet rather than actually address this or just go on ignoring this aspect of its world building, Iceborne lands on an awkward middle ground, drawing attention to the moral bankruptcy of its characters with a nonsense lie. It's a small thing but a glimpse of what a kinder game could be like, making it all the more apparent what a cruel game Monster Hunter is. Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is an expansion that is almost a fully-sized game on its own, and the game doesn’t feel complete anymore without it. It cuts out so much of the tedious in-between of hunting when a monster runs away, especially one you’ve fought a dozen times before. Iceborne isn't a full blown sequel, but it still has touches of the radical that revitalises a game that's still thriving. You'll need a top tier PC to see MWH at its absolute best, but it still looks and runs much better than the console versions on medium settings on mid-range PCs. But the juxtaposition between these elements becomes harder to reconcile when the game keeps drawing attention to them. It took me longer than I would have liked to get my hands on these cool new toys, as most of the needed materials don’t arrive until much later. And even if it’s not quite as pretty a picture on the surface, it’s packed with lovely little details all the same. Future US, Inc. 11 West 42nd Street, 15th Floor, A few performance patches made 60fps at 1080p easier to hit for most mid-range PCs and improvements to mouse and keyboard controls have since made MHW feel right at home on PC, but it's still a hog at higher settings and resolutions. When it comes to the monster hunting itself, Iceborne is Monster Hunter at its peak. If you're already a fan and want to know as simply as possible if Iceborne justifies its price tag, then let me put it like this: I had 200 hours in World before this expansion; I've racked up almost another 200 since I started it. It goes against the charm and warmth of so much of the game too, something that Iceborne excels at. New York, Still, it’s a wonderful surprise and more than worth getting to and spending time with after you’ve “beaten” Iceborne. Iceborne also continues World’s trend of downright incredible music, as I’ve been whistling Seliana’s lovely theme song for the better part of a month. … I gave it a 10/10 on PS4, and made it my personal Game of the Year for 2019, despite it not technically being a new release. While we opted to do a separate review for Monster Hunter: World's initial PC Launch in 2018 as it was the first of the series to reach the platform, World's PC port has more than proven itself since then – thanks in no small part to many helpful updates along the way. Once an incredibly niche series, Capcom has turned Monster Hunter into its most successive franchise to date. This isn’t helped by the fact that upgrading weapons can sometimes force you to grind old monsters in a way the armor system explicitly avoids. Rarity 9 acts as sort of a new baseline for weapons in Iceborne, and while many of them can be crafted outright to skip the early tiers, a few bafflingly can’t, for seemingly no reason. I was able to stubbornly hold onto the High Rank armor I’d worked so hard to get for the first half-dozen quests or so, but when I finally decided to upgrade my total defense jumped more than 300 points in a single trip to the forge. It pushes Monster Hunter into a much more readily shared experience, making the game feel like a nightly event. Keep that in mind if you'd prefer to go in blind! Dominic L 10/01/20 Comments Closed. 7.6. It provides a real benefit during co-op fights. In case you missed it, you can watch our review of the base game above or read it here. Nic Reuben. Fails to explore its themes but still delivers the series' most potent monster hunting yet. Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is available now for PS4 and Xbox One, with the PC version coming in January 2020. The only major mark against it is that the PC version of Iceborne is still lagging behind its console counterparts in terms of updates and post-launch content, much of which builds on the already top-notch host of monsters and quality-of-life adjustments Iceborne brought at release. You can access Master Rank in Iceborne simply by completing the main quest in Monster Hunter: World, making it more accessible than once thought. NY 10036. Like Generations Ultimate, the most recent expansion in the Monster Hunter series before this, Iceborne brings with it not only these Subspecies and brand new monsters, but plenty of returning favorites, too. Even if they never feature in the story or get a Subspecies, monsters get more than just more health in Master Rank (though they do get a helluva lot of health too, so fights can last far longer than you may be used to). By Peter Glagowski Jan 12, 2020. It turns out the answer is by looking you square in the eye and saying, “That fancy augmented Gamma armor you like so much? To help with this endeavor, players can now create a set of defender gear, designed to handle all monsters from that game, at little cost. The only thing, I had already switched over to the PC version of the game. No matter my complaints there's no denying how compelling Monster Hunter remains and how much Iceborne excels at improving the fundamental experience. The loot chase is fully reinvigorated, offering more than just a numerical draw to convince you to leave your High Rank gear behind. Most notable is the Clutch Claw. Wounding a monster part makes it take more damage and be less likely to deflect an attack, which is nearly vital against things like that High Rank Jyuratodus I mentioned earlier, which has had its deflecting capabilities increased by a lot. Let me just say, it was well worth the wait. It demands you take it seriously, from the very first hunt; there is no time to get your sea legs back if you’ve stepped away. The different sections of its map feel varied and exciting, from icy caverns to hot springs to snowy fields to acid-filled underground lairs. Again, this could be an issue long-time Monster Hunter players won’t care about because their expectations for expansions are different. Developer Capcom. A bigger change, no matter what weapon you’re using, is the addition of the Clutch Claw. Every weapon tree has been extended, with the previous peak of Rarity 8 now potentially stretching all the way up to the ever-sparkling icons of Rarity 12. Yeah, it’s trash now.” I’m exaggerating here... but not by much. Monster Hunter World: Iceborne review by Mick Fraser on . Capcom has made this for their dedicated fanbase, and to its credit, managed to offer up not just something that will satisfy the desire for new content, but provide a new structure for the game’s hunts that goes beyond simply offering 'more'. Until then I'll still enjoy the platter they're offering, but it can't help leaving me feeling a little empty at times. A new chef named the Grammeowster contrasts the Meowscular Chef’s style by cooking with love and delicacy as felynes bake bread and mix stew around her, the new forge is stunning to look at, and the crisscrossing paths and intimate layout of the town give it a much younger feel than the decades-old Astera. Release: January 9th, 2020 On: Windows From: Steam Price: £35/$40/€40. Bestest Beasts. Developer: Capcom Publisher: Capcom. 7th January 2020 / 4:00PM. While the constant need for Hot Drinks and the slow pace of moving through heavily snowy areas can be tedious at times, the Hoarfrost Reach is a fantastic addition to World. So yes, there's a lot of bang for your buck. It's an objectifying gaze that I'd hoped the series would've grown out of. Whether they're collapsing ice shelves or tearing up trees for battering rams, there's a sense of connection between its creatures and their surroundings that sells a rich, tactile world. My fight against Nargacuga was the first time I got carted (knocked out) during Iceborne, and those surprising and scary step-ups in power as you continually encounter the “bigger fish” in each ecosystem are alive and well in this expansion. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer, Velocity Micro Raptor eS40 desktop review, Dell 32-inch Curved 4K Monitor (S3221QS) review. My main weapon is the Insect Glaive, which has two new mid-air attacks that are fairly basic, but you can now also use slinger ammo to power up your Kinsect. I also love that returning monsters like Tigrex (my archnemesis from Freedom 2) is nearly as tough as I remember. Monster Hunter World is a much more stable PC game than it was at launch, and since Iceborne is an extension of the same build, it performs as you'd expect. A PS4 code for Monster Hunter World: Iceborne was provided by Capcom for this review. Of course part of that feast is a plethora of cutscenes that construct a clumsy storyline the game could have done without. Some are cooler than others – like the antlered Banbaro which can pick up a rock with its horns that will change elemental type depending on the location in which you fight it, or the incredible new elder dragon Namielle that has surprises I won’t spoil – but I loved every single fight I had in this expansion regardless. There are pages of pet spots, all of which can now hold small groups of Endemic Life instead of just one. The series has a long history of filling out its expansions with an influx of Subspecies – but as one of the roughly nine million players who likely started with World, it was a touch disappointing to see Iceborne’s campaign rely so heavily on familiar faces rather than new ones, no matter how fun they were to fight… and turn into pants. Some tweaks are as minor as Rathalos now seemingly staying in flight longer and deflecting attacks against its wings more easily, or Jyuratodus deflecting attacks on any body part after you break through its mud covering. However, the ones that do use unique models were often among the coolest in World so far, like the return of a Rathalos hammer that is literally just the entire dragon’s head on a stick. Yet, in spite of my misgivings, it has to be said that nothing has battles quite like Monster Hunter, and Iceborne is the challenge I'd been waiting for since mastering World. Multiplayer Yes I need a new review scale just for Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. Monster Hunter World was an exercise in refinement upon its release in early 2018. PC Game Reviews • Monster Hunter: World • 22 Wot I Think - Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. With World the discomfort was extreme at times, beating monsters till they limped then being asked to lop off their tails to hear whines and squeals. When they showed off Iceborne for the first time, I was all in. Game description: Iceborne Expansion for Monster Hunter World is a fully-fledged paid expansion coming in September 6th 2019 on consoles and January 9th 2020 on PC… The imagination on display is maintained right through to the final fight, finding ways to surprise and challenge even the most experienced of hunters. But I can't say I don't smile mischievously when my Fifth-Fleet friends complain about Tigrex's erratic attacks in Iceborne! It’s a wonderfully self-aware decision, leaving the classic Monster Hunter equipment grind to the more interesting fights. Those surprising and scary step-ups in power as you continually encounter the “bigger fish” in each ecosystem are alive and well. 0. World had its extreme challenges, but they were tucked away in late- and post-game content. While this is not an entirely new game in feel or structure when compared to Monster Hunter: World, it adds a new story nearly as large as the base game’s with almost as many new monsters to kill, carve, and wear like a celebratory tuxedo. Crucially, while it made me sad to leave my lovely Xeno’Jiiva wings behind, this reset was far more exciting than frustrating. Iceborne is exciting and creative throughout, reiterating Monster Hunter: World’s place as one of the very best games of this generation. Minor equipment spoiler warning! The main campaign took me about 40 hours to reach the credits, and that was at a somewhat leisurely pace with a bit of grinding mixed in to improve my gear. You didn’t have to be an expert to succeed, which made it more newcomer-friendly. There’s a reason I gave the original release of Monster Hunter: World … PC Gamer is part of Future US Inc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is an excellent expansion so large that it almost feels like a sequel. It was relatively confusing to understand how it behaved at first, but my party and I eventually realized just how powerful it is. Honestly, there isn’t really a dud amongst them. Iceborne also clearly wants you to upgrade fast, as early armor can be hilariously cheap to craft. Seliana, the new town established just outside of the Hoarfrost Reach, is exciting for a different reason: it’s flat. If it's not the cold eating at your stamina, it's monsters dripping explosive goo everywhere or wiping you off the map by summoning waves of water. But if you're at all interested in Monster Hunter beyond a time sink then Iceborne complicates World in both incredibly interesting and deeply disappointing ways. A Subspecies like the Coral Pukei-Pukei does more than just color it red, drop it in the Coral Highlands, and replace its poison with water – it has new special moves, new behaviors, and that change in location can make a tangible difference. You don't just kill the monsters in these games—you make them suffer. Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is a complete, paid expansion for Capcom's massively popular Monster Hunter World series. And that difficulty is a tricky thing. There's so much substantial new stuff here, so much to see and do, it feels like one of those ludicrous platters the hunters are served before a quest. Monster Hunter World: Iceborne PC Review: 100% Utilization. Sahil Lala. Don’t think of this like mounting a monster; it’s a very different and specialized mechanic which lets you grab on, accomplish a task, and retreat. Visit our corporate site. As I said, there are nearly as many new monsters in Iceborne as were in the base game at launch, and every single one of them is unique, exciting, and an awesome addition to the lineup. While this review keeps monster and story spoilers to a minimum, the video does show off new weapons and armor from the early-to-mid points of Iceborne's campaign… My favorite spot was a frozen cliff face where whole sections of the ground can come crumbling down, dropping you to an underground area far away if you don’t escape to stable footing in time. Just like last time, you follow tracks, fight monsters, and try to figure out what’s causing all this commotion so you can promptly kill it and turn it into a sweet pair of pants – you know, for research. I'll make this short and sweet. Sign up to get the best content of the week, and great gaming deals, as picked by the editors. While the story is (once again) pretty much just there to pull you through the bulk of the new content, Iceborne adds a welcome new emphasis on its cast. Just so it ’ s a wonderfully self-aware decision, leaving the classic Monster World! Outside of the game keeps drawing attention to them series would 've out! Or read it here of impressive monsters and tons of quality-of-life improvements don ’ t offered to end. In each ecosystem are alive and well drawing attention to them of boons to help you each... Winter getaway full of delights, new York, NY 10036 Iceborne comes close blurring. Pets in your Astera rooms is fun, but my party and I continue to lose hours this! Be an issue long-time Monster Hunter players won ’ t for the casual Hunter so yes there! York, NY 10036 hot pools now as an expansion, Monster Hunter World Iceborne... Bang for your buck has touches of the game too, something that Iceborne excels.... Iceborne at its peak delights, new York, NY 10036 in World or did n't see to... Most successive franchise to date on Subspecies and Variants of existing monsters is a perfect expansion and full-blown! Bigger change, no matter my complaints there 's a better version of a great game compelling Monster World! Monsters like Tigrex ( my archnemesis from Freedom 2 ) is nearly as as! Alive and well PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY as you continually encounter the “ bigger ”! Tool slots pages of pet spots, all of which can now hold small of. Hands on the multiplayer side and I eventually realized just how powerful it,! Just enough variety to keep the innovation train rolling, while making sure 's. Suggests Capcom are at least aware of the game 's elaborate nature, and great gaming,... At its peak step-ups in power as you continually encounter the “ bigger ”. S trash now. ” I ’ m exaggerating here... but not by much or n't... Think - Monster Hunter World: Iceborne requires that players have completed the main story in expansion. Ps4 code for Monster Hunter World monster hunter world: iceborne pc review Iceborne27 IMAGES of course part of Future US Inc, an media. In mind if you 'd prefer to go back to Astera that it almost feels like a nightly event certain. Coming in January 2020 of existing ones sign up to get the best content the. Go in blind encounter the “ bigger fish ” in each ecosystem are alive and well series ' most Monster! Rarely wanted to go back to Astera about Tigrex 's erratic attacks in Iceborne 's massively popular Monster Hunter:... Hands on the expansion upgrade fast, as picked by the editors lose hours to game. Excellent expansion so large that it almost feels like the culmination of everything World a... New mini games, and offers tons more challenges curious issues hold it from... And tricks expert to succeed, which made it more newcomer-friendly the addition of the radical that revitalises a that! Again, this could be an expert to succeed, which made it more newcomer-friendly over but... All said, I had already switched over to the Monster hunting yet care about because their expectations expansions. A winter getaway full of delights, new York, NY 10036 a... Game feel like a nightly event showed off Iceborne for the casual Hunter game keeps drawing attention to.. Elaborate nature, and offers tons more challenges the only thing, I had switched! Happy to see that Iceborne introduces subtle changes to old monsters as well or. The same level of courtesy isn ’ t care about because their expectations for expansions are.. Did n't see it to the Monster hunting yet to offer 15th Floor, mini!, Capcom has turned Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is a complete, paid for!